Pipes and metal sections

Seamless pipes made of carbon and alloy steels used in engineering, heat transport systems, oil transport systems, gas transport systems, and water supply systems.

Straight-seam pipes with round, square and rectangular cross-section. With standard or galvanized coating used in an industrial building sphere, metal construction, and agriculture.

Sheet and rolled steel

Cold and hot-rolled sheets and rolls from 0.35mm to 200mm made of carbon steel. Our metal sheets boast the widest field of application.

They are suitable for heavy engineering, construction sites, roofing of buildings, and many more.

Rolled section steel

Circle, square, hexagon and strip of stainless steel (different types)

Shape steel-rolled stock

I-beam, channel, angle, and special sections from structural carbon and low alloy steel used for the production of metal structures, bridges, buildings, and elevators.

Stainless steel

Stainless tubes, rounds and sheets as per GOST, EN, AISI with mat and polished surface. Stainless steel is required in atomic, chemical and food industry. These products have the highest anticorrosion properties thus allowing it to operate in any challenging environment.